The Cykell System, commonly known as the Solar System, is a series of 7 planets and 2 stars that orbit each other. Cykell is the largest of the planets, which all exist in very close orbits.


The formation of the system, according to Nymphs started around 5.1 Billion years ago. Close to about 100,000 years later, Jehxstia, the Human God cooled the place with his breath. As this happened, he invited the other gods, persumly, the Nymph goddess, Hiy'murmun, the Ogre god, Horostalk and a few other gods to accompany him in forming the planets and stars, though the source of the stars were created from a obliteration from an unknown source located in the universal center.

Ogre/Nymph ConflictEdit

As Jehxstia left, he left the solar system under the control of Horostalk and Hiy'murmun. The two battled with each other for control of the system, each of them, over the eons. Legend has it that they are stars in the sky, but this is false, since they have their original forms. Some say, that they didn't died, which is probably true on Hiy'murmun's account, as she is still controlling another planet far away from the system, but unknown for Horostalk.

Modern Cykell SystemEdit

The system had eventually cooled down to the temperatures it is today. New species and new gods were created over the course of 3 billion years. It is said that even the vacuum in space is beginning to weaken, thus supporting air to enter the vacuum and making it breathable. It's now much cooler and can support life.


There are currently 7 planets.

  1. .
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  3. Shards of Lwyete
  4. Cykell
  5. Erinel
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  7. Nillus


The largest planet, and the most populated.

Shards of LwyeteEdit

A large band of asteroids orbiting the Twin Stars created by the destruction of Lwyete, a planet where mortals rose up and attempted to destroy the gods. In response, Horostalk created the first sword and threw it at the planet, shattering it and killing every mortal residing upon it.


A large blue planet with a series of rings. It can often be seen in the sky from Cykell. It is said to be frozen but beautiful, and full of flora.


A dry and desolate planet residing at the edge of the Cykell System. It is inhabited by demonic creatures and man-eating plants.

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