Welcome to the Cykell WikiEdit

Welcome to the world of Cykell! An MMO Wikia game created by Howiter1, Berus and Cyanlime! This game was created by the three when experiencing RuneScape and making RuneScape fanfictions. Therefore, the project was created. The game is under development, but is welcoming visitors of all types!

The Cykell Project - Beginning Edit

Okay, so a couple of us from RSFF have decided to create our own world(s) with our own original fiction, and see what grows out of it. Anyone is welcome to join, just make sure you send a message to either Howiter1, Cyanlime, or Berus and say you're interested first. The only major rule right now is to not trounce all over other people's fiction. Also, it would be cool if you didn't make incredibly powerful beings; Horostalk, Hiy'murmun, Enewla and Jehxstia (God) are the strongest in the system.

Right now, we are trying to lay down a foundation for Cykell and its system, write a solid History, and get a nice solid list of Deities. Any assistance in any of these areas is appreciated. Also, if you'd like to create your own Race and lay down a kingdom or two that'd be fine.

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