Satan, the great God of Death and Darkness and brother of Jehxstia, was at the height of his dark power when he fell in love with a mortal woman. The other gods saw this as an abomination, but Satan was the most powerful and they were afraid to move against him. With her, he fathered three children, Alwene, Lewnae, and Enewla.

However, Satan lost his lover after she died by the hands of a group of humans in a hunting party. Satan was furious about this and begun to use his power to avenge the fall of his loved one. He began to gain worshippers and build up an army of them to destroy the major powers in Cykell and the Cykell System.

His children, meanwhille, were infuriated by this (excluding Enelwa who was quiet about the situation). Alwene persisted Enelwa to begin to rebel against her father the first time, but she refused as she wanted to observe his movements. After Satan begun to rise demons with his mark, Lewnae demanded Enelwa to take action now, but she ignored her suggestion and refused the second time. Satan then begun to gain followers from the nymphs and due to their technology, gained access to rifles and many other types of weapons. Both siblings started to plead but again, Enelwa declined the third time.

Then finally, due to Alwene's suggestion, Lewnae manage to get a hero named Jithus to assist in their plan to rebel against their father. Therefore, Jithus gained a few forces and Lewane begun to draw strategies and battle plans. When Alwene introduced Jithus to Enelwa, she fell inlove with him and finally, agreed to help in the rebellion.

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