Humans (Homo Sapians) are the most common race on Cykell. Known for their internationally known technologies, ideas, tool-making skills and wonderful acting, but also known for their destruction, cruely towards their own race and others alike, Humans are the second most emotional and the second advanced living creature on the planet.


Nymphs (Homo Ichthyoids) is another common race on Cykell. They are much more intelligent than Humans and are more advanced with their technology (about 1500 years ahead). Known for their beauty, makings, excessive jewellery, and their friendly adaptions to the environment, Nymphs are the most emotional creatures and the advanced living creature on the planet. They are strongly against the Humans hurting the wild life, and to prevent this from happening, they prayed to Hiy'murmun to make the water purple wherever they travel. They are Hermaphrodites despite there is both a male and female version of the Nymph. Male Nymphs are called Nargates.



A race that lives on a small continent. Awesome.


Sanlwye (A combination of the Lwyetion words for "People" and "Exiled") are an extremely rare race on Cykell. They are powerful surviving members of the destruction of the planet Lwyete. Because they are small in number, they have formed no civilizations and no claim no territory. They are deeply despised by several of the gods for the sins of their race and, as a result, are largely in hiding. It is estimated that there are only a score or so inhabiting Cykell, but this is unconfirmed.

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