The Serene Swamplands is a small area in southwest Cyanlith and the eastern-most portion of the Swamplands. The region is mostly isolated from the world by a great mountain barrier in the east and deadly swamplands stretching on in all other directions. The region is claimed by the god Lwyion under one of his champions, Vicarus the Serene, and is a relatively peaceful haven in the dangerous region.

History Edit

After Vicarus the Serene had fought many years in the service of many kings and lords, had caused the rise of and fall of several kingdoms, and was even called upon by Lwyion to be one of his champions, he found himself desiring only to further his sword skill and perhaps instruct future generations in the arts of his craft. Lwyion, in recognition of his great service, freed him from the burden of age and gifted him the land around one of his most important altars in the Swamplands.

Vicarus brought with him many students and admirers along with great warriors of skill and virtue, and they started to build themselves settlements in the swamplands. They successfully drove away several beasts inhabiting the region and established the only portion of the swamp where there was no threat of danger. Great and powerful monsters learned of Vicarus's name and shuddered to think of his power.

The society built itself on living on hunting swamp-beasts and training battle-skills. Over time, however, other, more peaceful people started to inhabit the region and created a few small towns in which adventurers wishing to delve into the swamp could rest for periods of time. Vicarus proved to be extremely tolerant of peaceful settlers, but also dealt with would-be conquerors single-handedly and with a definite finality.

Government Edit

The unquestioned leader of the Serene Swamplands is the legendary Vicarus the Serene, but several skilled students under him divvy up the responsibilities of the region as Vicarus has little interest in politics. As a result, there is little in the way of governing. However, thieves and other ne-er do wells are dealt with quickly and brutally by local veteran students of Vicarus. Most other disputes are moderated by the veteran students but generally solved by the people involved.

Religion Edit

Though some visitors and more peaceable folk are allowed to pray to other gods, for Vicarus is rather tolerant, most have pledged themselves to Lwyion. This includes Vicarus and nearly all of his students. Though there is little in the way of services in Lwyion's name, many duels are performed in Lwyion's honor at the steps of his altar, both deadly and friendly.

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