“I watched how time and space began; the story of the first Trio.”

“I saw an era before time, an era in which there was nothingness. Not nothingness that we know of today and call the Void of Space, but an intangible nothingness in which existed nothing at all. From this nothingness spawned before me three beings; two of whom were of creation and the third of destruction. They were beautiful and amazing, with an aura that even the gods of the present could not hope to attain.”

“The Destroyer attacked the darkness with a terrible ferocity, creating the Void known of today and releasing vast amounts of energy. The Creators, gifted with the Spark of Life, took that energy and used it to craft shining stars and wonderful worlds in the Destroyer’s void. They built beautiful wonders upon these worlds and brought forth life itself; populating them with living, breathing beasts and plants. I could have spent centuries gazing upon these worlds, but it was not to be.”

“While the Creators had been busy building and creating, the Destroyer was left only with the power to continue it destruction. I watched as it futilely attempted to grab the Spark of Life and build as its siblings could, but the only way it could affect these worlds was to destroy them. Enraged, the Destroyer turned against the pair of Creators and destroyed them in a horrible display of power. Miraculously, however, the shattered pieces of the Creators did not fade but instead transformed, becoming lesser gods who also possessed the Spark of Life.”

“I watched as these new gods, who did not know of how they had come to exist nor of what their purpose was, scatter across the worlds and begin to build once more. Amongst them I recognized our own Jehxstia, Hiy’murmun, and even Horostalk. They settled upon their own worlds and started to expand their influence in the strange lands in an effort to answer their questions.”

“Then I witnessed perhaps the greatest miracle of all time. The new gods created the first Mortals. They formed them in the image of themselves in an effort to create companions. These mortals became the servants of the gods, developing over time and creating great societies; giving the gods something with which to occupy their time and distract them from their unanswerable questions.”

“And finally, I saw the Destroyer hidden in the shadows of the void. There it lay, despairing that it could not possess the Spark of Life. It faded beyond memory itself, hoping that if it were to observe the new gods at their work long enough, it could perhaps someday gain the only power that was beyond its reach. And so time went on, and so here we are today.”

-The Words of Agemo, Oracle of the Drifting Peaks, as recorded by Theseus the Scholar
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